Digital printed cotton lycra fabrics China wholesale

Digital printed cotton lycra fabrics

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Quick Details

Thread Type: 32S combed organic cotton  Pilling Resistance: 4 grade Weight: 230gsm
Fabric Content: 90%cotton Color fastness: Grade 4-5 Width: 165cm/168cm
Supply Type: Custom order Bursting strength: 300N Brand: Macaloo (OEM)
Stretch:  ≥50% horizontal stretch;
≥50%vertical stretch
Place of origin: Guangdong,China(Mainland)  Sample: 1yard or A4

Eco-friendly Digital Printing

Developing sustainable technologies is our responsibility towards future generations. Macaloo using Eco-friendly digital printers and imported certificated inks which can saving in terms of colors( up to 35% saving), water(up to 60% saving), electricity(up to 30% saving) and time if compared to the conventional rotary printers.

  • 60%

    water consumption

  • 30%

    Imapct on energy

  • 35%

    colors saving

  • GOTS

    inks certification


We're different

1- About base fabric
We choose Austrialia cotton to knit the fabric to make the fabric less yarn hairness, stronger bursting strenght for good durability,
and more pure and clearer texture, improve the glossiness of fabric.
Our base fabric have much better rebound force than in the market.

  2- About colors
Our printing fabric infinitesimally close to the design graphic.
Our color modulate technicist has more than 12 years exprience in digital print madulation and long-term service for some famous brands.

3- About details

Cleaner texture and inks diffused into the fibers so our printing fabric better in details.

4-Gradient colors
We printed for many textile designers who are very care about the gradient effects and get their favor as our printing fabric can keep the most of gradient details .
Our colors are more harmonious and looks like high- fashion tune.

Original design graphic ↓

5-Sencetive colors

We developed out printing craft and improve machines in order to  make the printings brighter , more beautiful, less white spots and hairy.
Even sencetive color we can make it better than others.


Great Fastness

Our fabric passed fastness test, below are testing result.
Testing Name Restult
Color Fastness to Water Color Change≥4 grade
Color Staining≥4 grade
Color Fastness to Perspiration Acid:Color Change≥4 grade
Acid:Color Staining≥4 grade
Alkali:Color Change≥4 grade
Alkali:Color Staining≥4 grade
Color Fastness to Rubbing Dry ≥ 4 grade
Wet ≥ 3-4 grade
Color Fastness to Washing
Wash at 40℃, wash time 30mins, with 5g/L soap solution.
Color Change≥4 grade
Color Staining≥4 grade



Skin-friendly Fabric

Our fabric also passed the safty testing. All of our fabric are perfect for babies and kids garment making. 
PH Value
Using KCL solution as the extracting solution.

Result: 4.6  
Formaldehyde Content (Unit: mg/kg)
Water extraction method,lower limit of quantitation:20mg/kg.
Result: N.D.  Remark:N.D.= Not Detectable,Less than 20 mg/kg
Azo Colourants(Unit: mg/kg)
Use GC/MSD method,limit of detection :5mg/kg
Result: N.D.  Remark: N.D.=Not Detectable,Less than the method detection limit.


Reliable Supplier

Macaloo has more than 20 years exprience about knitting fabric and over 8 years in natural fiber digital print producing.
Besides, our fabric sold to abroad since 2010, our main market is for those high-end inche brand in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia etc. 

Description of Cotton Lycra

printed cotton lycra fabrics

Digital printed cotton lycra fabrics China wholesale 

- Pattern: colorful cartoon vegetable and fruits printed, customized is available
- Features: 
amazing soft and smooth, stretchable, comfortable, pliable, skin friendly, vibrant color, no color aberration, high color fastness.
- Applications: Garment, baby clothing, kids wear, sweatshirt, tops, shorts and so on.
We have 210gsm, 230gsm, 250gsm and 150cm, 160cm for you to choose. Innovative Production and Expert in digital printing fabric.

printed cotton lycra fabrics

printed cotton lycra fabrics

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printed cotton lycra fabrics   printed cotton lycra fabrics
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